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Welcome to WFP Lending! Since 1998 we have been helping consumers get the best deal possible by giving consumers multiple offers from several wholesale lenders in a matter of minutes, WFP Lending makes comparison shopping easy from over 90 wholesale lenders. You the consumer WINS because when lenders compete you get the very best price! Rising interest rates has made it difficult, but WFP Lending can show you instantly your savings, lower rate, cash out for home improvements or pay off high interest credit card debt.

Times are changing for residents of California thanks to new federal regulations making mortgage equity the ideal place to cash out and take advantage of the recent run up in values. You can now cash out and pay off high interest on personal and credit card debt and convert them into a good tax deduction and at the same time enjoy a low monthly payment. Remember you cannot deduct personal debt and credit card debt. However according to the IRS tax code new limit on deductible mortgage interest for 2018 the deduction is limited to the interest on only $750,000 for primary and second home mortgages. (please ask your tax advisors if this change affects you or see the IRS ruling)

Whether you have great credit or challenged 640 to 740 fico’s scores, we’ve got you covered!

WFP Lending has financial solutions for you with its large network of wholesale lenders in the nation.

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